Mental Health and Addictions Services Development Programs Board

In 2014, the Indiana General Assembly passed house bill 1360 (IC 21-44-5-1) that established the mental health and addiction services development programs board. Members of the board are named in statute or appointed by the Governor with specified disciplines to include:

  • Dr. Anantha Shekhar - Dean of the Indiana University School of Medicine,
  • Dr. McAllister - Chairperson of the department of psychiatry of the Indiana University School of Medicine,
  • Kevin Moore - Director of the Division of Mental Health and Addiction,
  • Ann Alley - Proxy to the Commissioner of the State Department of Health,
  • Vacant - dean of the department of family practice of Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine,
  • Dr. Kronenberger - Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry, IUPUI,
  • Dr. McNelis - Community & Health Systems Center for Research in Nursing Education Professor, IU School of Nursing,
  • Vacant - a psychiatrist who practices psychiatry in Indiana,
  • Dr. Richard Hooker (Indiana Wesleyan University) - administrator of a program in an institution of higher education in Indiana engaged in training addiction counselors,
  • Matthew Vincent - proxy to the Director of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs

The role of the board is to establish program guidelines, direct the implementation of the loan repayment assistance program, and oversee the selection of applicants.

*This program, including its meetings and correspondence, is subject to Indiana’s Open Door Law. Public attendance and feedback are welcomed.