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Community-Based Youth Services

Indiana has made significant strides in improving outcomes and mental/behavioral health service delivery options for youth and families since its implementation of the Community Alternatives to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (CA-PRTF) Demonstration Grant in 2008. The grant served 1,646 youth through local, community-based sites. Intensive community-based wraparound services were provided by DMHA-certified Wraparound Facilitators dedicated to delivering services according to Wraparound principles and within a System of Care philosophy.

DMHA continues to seek out and provide intensive home and community-based Wraparound services for youth with a serious emotional disturbance (SED) and their families:

  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Transition Waiver- a federally funded waiver intended to provide the continuation of intensive home and community-based wraparound services for youth enrolled in the CA-PRTF Demonstration Grant when it terminated in September 2012. This program is accepting no new enrollees.
  • Money Follows the Person-Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (MFP-PRTF) Demonstration Grant- a federally funded program intended to provide support and intensive home and community-based wraparound services for youth discharging from an institutional setting and transitioning back home. Youth must meet specific eligibility criteria to qualify for services.
  • 1915(i) Child Mental Health Wraparound (CMHW) Services- this federally funded state plan amendment is a state plan amendment that Indiana is pursuing through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and state rule promulgation. The service program, if approved will provide intensive home and community-based wraparound services for youth and families meeting specific eligibility criteria. CMS approved the state plan amendment in September 2013 and rule promulgation activities are in process. It is anticipated the program will be available for youth and families in state fiscal year 2014.
  • Children's Mental Health Initiative (CMHI)- a collaboration between the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMH) and the Indiana Department of Child Services to provide intensive home and community-based wraparound services for youth and families without funding.
  • Indiana State Adolescent Advisory Council for Youth (STACY)- a federally funded, locally managed program for youth who are in need of substance abuse treatment, but who are unable to afford it? 

How do I learn more about applying for intensive home and community-based Wraparound services?

If interested in learning more about one of these programs or how to apply for services for your youth, contact your local Commmunity Access Site. Click to learn how to locate an Access Site in your community.