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The Adult Psychiatric Service Line provides services to patients with a history of psychiatric, behavioral, and mental health needs. All patients admitted have been unsuccessful in community settings and have been assessed by their "gatekeeper," (Community Mental Health Center), as requiring continuing inpatient treatment. Often the patient presents multiple psychiatric diagnoses. Patients admitted to the Adult Service Line are assessed, treated, discharged to the community, or transferred to other units in accordance with their overall plan of care.

The Mission of our Adult Service Line Team is to provide active treatment aimed at stabilization and rehabilitation from time of admission through transfer and/or discharge!

The years 2000 and 2001 brought many changes and improvements to the Adult Psychiatric Service Line. In November 2000, the Service Line moved from the AIT building to the RTC building. The psychiatric admission unit and the stabilization units are located on 420A and 420B in the RTC building. Each unit is coed and has 30 beds.

The Adult Psychiatric Service Line Units have been reviewing their programs and making changes so that we can better serve our clients. The philosophy of the 420A team is to provide skilled psychiatric evaluation and treatment to individuals who have been committed to Richmond State Hospital. The 420B team recognizes that it is important to address various levels of need in our adult patients, as described by Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs". The foundation of the program is the provision of a safe and healthy environment in order to meet Maslow's first and second level of needs (Physiological and Safety Needs).

Also, another service has been added to the Adult Psychiatric Service Line. The Kreitl House opened January 2, 2001. The house provides services for five clients who have legal issues and discharge and/or placement in the community is not foreseeable in the near future. A home-like environment and atmosphere enhances the quality of life for these clients. The Kreitl House was named after a well-respected physician, Dr. Dorothy Kreitl, who worked here at the hospital from 1955 to 1977. Her husband, Charles Kreitl, also was employed here at RSH as the Assistant Director of Nursing.

We are all very proud of the changes and improvements that are occurring here at Richmond State Hospital. If you have any questions about our services or any of the changes, please feel free to contact us.

Ron Richmond is the Service Line Manager for the Adult Service Line. Ron has a wide range of experience at our facility, ranging from 10 years in direct care to training and orienting employees for the las 14 years. Ron completed his undergraduate studies at Asbury College with bachelors degrees in History and Communication. In addition he received an associates degree in education from KMBC in Vancleve, KY.

Ron's state employment actually began in 1990 as a Psychiatric Attendant. In 1999 He transferred to a position as an Instructional Assistant and with later position changes to program coordinator of the hospital's crisis management program to a Program Director position.