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Minimum Essential Coverage

The federal government requires you to have health insurance and indicate your coverage status when you file your taxes. This coverage is reported in forms 1095-A, 1095-B, 1095-C depending on who provided your health insurance. The Indiana Family and Social Service Administration is mailing out 1095-B Forms to all recipients of eligible Indiana health coverage assistance if benefits were issued for at least one day in the tax year. This 1095-B form provides the information needed to report your health coverage status and the health coverage status of dependents from the tax year on your income tax return.

FSSA will mail a 1095-B form to each individual that received benefits by the end of March. You should review the 1095-B Form for accuracy. If the information on the form is not correct or you need to request a replacement to be mailed, you may call 1-855-673-0145.

If you need to view or print this form, you may visit our website: http://www.getmy1095b.com/.

If you have further questions on this form or tax preparation, please visit www.irs.gov.