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Person-Centered Planning through the LifeCourse

Just over a year ago, the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services opened a dialogue with all stakeholders on the need for transformation in how Indiana provides services and supports to its citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since then, we’ve consulted with self-advocates, families, case managers, providers and other stakeholders to better understand our collective vision for services and supports for Hoosiers with disabilities and what we can do to transform our approach to move us toward supporting individuals and families in their community. As a first step, the division chose to focus its initial efforts on person-centered planning and case management. These areas were targeted due to the central role both play in supporting individuals and families in designing meaningful plans to encourage effective supports and services to get individuals closer to their definition of a good life.

The division is excited about these future changes and will be working on the following activities to reflect changes to person-centered planning and case management:

  • Update policies, procedures and guidance related to PCP and case management;
  • Statewide training series to provide concrete, face-to-face learning opportunities regarding person-centered planning and the role of case management; and
  • Regular updates to stakeholders on our progress toward new person-centered planning implementation to ensure transparency and up-to-date information.





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