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FSSA Vision, Mission and Values

FSSA Vision

All Hoosiers live in fully engaged communities and reach their greatest emotional, mental and physical well-being.

FSSA Mission

To compassionately serve Hoosiers of all ages and connect them with social services, health care and their communities.

FSSA Values

  • Excellence: To execute operational programming that is consistent and reliable, with ongoing outcomes evaluation.
  • Integrity: To establish the highest level of trust both internally and externally through honest, transparent and accountable interactions and communications.
  • Innovation: To encourage bold approaches to problem solving, allowing for failure, embracing change and inspiring creative solutions.
  • Compassion: To be present in the moment, exemplifying kindness and empathy.
  • Resilience: To withstand and recalibrate when faced with adversity.
  • Purpose: To take action driven by mission, goals and outcomes.
  • Inclusion: To listen and actively promote dialogue while recognizing biases and offering a willingness to understand and accept everyone’s diverse cultures, perspectives and ideas.
  • Dignity: To respect the inherent value and worth of each person through all forms of interactions.