SWIC: Career Counseling Taskforce

Next Career Counseling Task Force #2 Meetings

July 2017 (second week)

September 2017 (second week)

November 2017 (second week)

Indiana Government Center South, DWD Lobby Conference Room
302 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204

Past Meetings

May 03, 2017

March 28, 2017


  • Review utilization of ICE and recommend ways to increase usage
  • Review data from completed ICE assessments to determine if student interest matches employer demand.  Recommend solutions in areas where there is a mismatch
  • Review graduation plan completion rate in ICE. Determine if current graduation plan is sufficient to adequately prompt students to learn about various career paths. Recommend solutions where needed
  • Review other resources available through the ICE vendor to determine value, if any, to Indiana


Chair: Mayor Blair Milo


  • Caryl Auslander
  • Patrick Biggerstaff
  • Andrew Bradley
  • Randall Collins
  • Matt Fleck
  • Jeanne Fredericks
  • Gary Hobbs
  • Kay Johnson
  • Amy Marsh
  • Kevin McDonough
  • Katie Preston
  • Sean Tierney
  • Angie Vaughn
  • Greg Vollmer
  • Stephanie Wells

Staff: Amanda Culhan & Alishea Hawkins