Expansion Grant FAQ's

Q. May grant funds be used to support an apprenticeship navigator role for a business services team member to support creating and registering apprenticeships as a service?

  1. We don’t directly address our preference for how funds are spent and will certainly consider requests for funds to hire personnel. However, it is important that you address sustainability (who will fund this position beyond the life of the grant), as well as how the apprenticeship navigator will help increase the quantity of RA programs/number of apprentices and/or diversity of apprentices in Indiana. There should be a clear case that this position is critical to the success of the program and in meeting Indiana’s RA goals.

Q. Is there a specified age for high school apprenticeships? One part of the grant references “high school seniors” and the next section references “high school high aged youth.” Is this strictly limited to 18-year old seniors?

  1. The eligible starting age can be no less than 16 years of age; however, individuals must usually be 18 to be an apprentice in hazardous occupations. Program sponsors may also identify additional minimum qualifications to apply, (e.g., education, ability to physically perform the essential functions of the occupation, proof of age.). All applicants are required to meet the minimum qualifications.

What is the difference between an internship vs. apprenticeship program for 16 and 17-year-old high school students?

  1. Interns work at a company for a limited period of time for career exploration and experience, skill development, and networking whereas apprentices receive on-the-job training with accompanying study for a trade/profession resulting in a national industry certification with wage increases along the way.

    While some traditional apprenticeship program have eligibility for those 16 and up, they typically have a minimum age requirement of 18. Therefore, 16-17 year old high school students would likely be considered pre-apprentices, in which they begin part-time participation in an apprenticeship program.

Q. Do Child Labor Laws allow for more hands-on, technical training in skilled trades career pathways for high school students in an apprenticeship program versus internship?

  1. Child Labor Laws do not differentiate between apprenticeships and internships. Please click here for Indiana’s Child Labor Laws.

Q. Will the grant fund the costs of planning and modifying the current apprenticeship model to train employees to jobs in emerging digital technologies specific to Advanced Manufacturing?

  1. The short answer is yes, DWD would consider funding any programs that expand the apprenticeship model to a sector in which there is demand as long as it meets our goals of increasing the number of apprentices/apprenticeship programs in Indiana.

Q. What documents exist to help manufacturing partners create a student apprenticeship program? Is there an already defined set of guidelines?

  1. USDOL has a number of resources to assist in building apprenticeship program. For “Guidelines For A School To Registered Apprenticeship Program” click here. You may also want to check out the ApprenticeshipUSA Toolkit.

Q. The grant guideline sites “the DWD will sub-grant up to $700,000.” Is that up to $700K total for the entire state or $700K per region/sector?

  1. The total amount of $700,000 is the sum to be granted for the entire state. Our hope is that we will have additional funding in the future to support additional programs.

Q. Can DWD provide advice on preference for expansion of current apprenticeship activities to be more inclusive to minorities and women as compared to registering new apprenticeships in new sectors (IT, Healthcare, etc.)? Would a proposal be more effective if it included multiple strategies?

  1. The primary goal is to increase the number of apprentices/registered apprenticeship programs in Indiana. This can be accomplished through all of the strategies that are referenced. DWD has no preference. DWD places equal value on inclusion and on the expansion of the apprenticeship model to new sectors. A well thought out proposal that includes multiple strategies would certainly be more effective. We are simply looking to fund the best plans that help us meet our goal.