Standards in Action

The gap between the knowledge and skills of adult learners and the expectation of colleges, training programs, and employers drives our movement toward standards-based education. The College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards were created as a manageable set of standards indispensable for addressing this gap and preparing adult learners for college and careers. The CCR Standards provide direction on where to focus instruction, a coherent framework for scaffolding student learning, and support consistency of expectation across the state.

To facilitate the implementation of the CCR Standards in Indiana Adult Education classrooms over the next 2 years, DWD will provide professional development using the Standards in Action (SIA) process in an effort to ensure that all teachers and students have access to standards-based instruction. Standards in Action (SIA) is a series of four, two-day trainings designed to support the implementation of content standards in adult education classrooms.

Why Standards?

Watch below as Marie Mackintosh, Director of Adult Education, talks about why Indiana is choosing standards-based education.

Standards-Based Adult Education Resource Warehouse

Since February 2014, teachers and administrators in Standards in Action cohorts have been participating in a series of webinars and in-person institutes. The work done by these Adult Education professionals will be the initial entries in a warehouse of standards-based instructional materials created by Indiana teachers for Indiana teachers.

This resource warehouse will contain completed standards unpacking charts, lesson plans, and standards-aligned classroom assignments. The warehouse will be hosted on Blackboard. Check back soon for more information on accessing these resources.

Any questions regarding the Standards in Action (SIA) Program should be sent to Amanda Brewer at