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2015 Adult Education Director Meeting

This year's Adult Education Director Meeting took place on Friday, November 13th, 2015 at the Indiana Government Center South in Indianapolis. The meeting focused on transitions: student transitions, WIOA transitions, and transitions within the DWD Adult Education Community.

Survey Evaluation

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Certificate of attendance and Professional Growth Points (PGP) documentation will be sent to any who complete the survey.

Meeting Materials

Handouts from this meeting can be downloaded here:

Administrator 500 Leadership Series

DWD's professional development for Adult Education administrators focuses on increasing their understanding and awareness of the Harvard Model framework, and how DWD's Adult Education performance-based funding and accountability system fit within that framework. Once administrators gain a solid understanding of the framework, they can utilize that knowledge to improve their program's structure, policies and performance.

Training Content

The Administrator 500 Leadership Series consists of five modules and is appropriate for new and experienced administrators and those interested in a career pathway in AE administration. Each module will include both pre-work and face-to-face training.

Participants may choose to attend individual modules or all five. Preference will be given to attendees who register for all five sessions. Each workshop will be limited to 20 participants.

Attendees will earn Professional Growth Points (PGPs) for each module attended and special recognition for completing the entire Administrator 500 Leadership Series. Administrators completing all five modules will have the opportunity to develop a Strategic Plan Portfolio and qualify for a microgrant of up to $5000 to implement a project from that portfolio. (Only one microgrant will be awarded per program.)

Applications are now closed for this round of training.

All training will take place at the Indiana Government Center South in Indianapolis. More information about this year-long professional development initiative, including specific training dates, can be found in the course catalog.

Administrator 500 Training Materials

Any questions regarding the Administrator Leadership Series should be directed to