IN AE Teacher Competencies


The Indiana Adult Education Teacher Competencies are being developed to support a statewide standards-based education movement. The competencies are intended to:

  • Professionalize the field of Adult Education instruction
  • Create a common language to facilitate communication regarding teacher responsibilities and growth
  • Inform the development of a comprehensive professional development system that embraces a teacher development continuum
  • Recognize the most critical aspects of quality adult instruction

Initial research into teacher competencies led to an exhaustive review of both K-12 and Adult Education teaching standards. Efforts were then focused on the Adult Education Teacher Standards for two states: North Carolina and Ohio.

These two systems most closely matched Indiana's vision for an adult education teacher growth continuum and provided excellent models for initial analysis. To determine alignment, these two systems were cross-walked to the Adult Education Teacher Handbook and to Indiana's K-12 Teaching Evaluation Tool, RISE. After this initial research, a framework of competencies and benchmarks was designed to meet the needs of Indiana adult educators.

Proposed Framework

The following structure for Indiana Teacher competencies was decided upon:

Click here for more information on the structure of the IN AE Teacher Competencies and definitions of key terms from the above chart.

Next Steps

To ensure the competencies are relevant and meaningful to Indiana Adult Educators, EDSI will solicit guidance and feedback from the field in the following ways:

  • EDSI is partnering with an Indiana Adult Education teacher to refine the current competencies and benchmarks and to begin development of performance indicators.
  • A workgroup of experienced adult educators has been formed to provide guidance and support during the development of the performance indicators and the roll out of level one "new teacher" induction training.
  • EDSI will align professional development to the competencies to create a system that supports teacher growth beginning with new teacher induction training which will operationalize in the fall of 2015.
  • Competencies for administrators and support staff will be developed to fill out the standards based education system.

A final version of the competencies will be posted to AmplifyAE in the summer of 2015.

Project Updates

1/16/15: Teacher Competencies Project Update - (Download PowerPoint)

3/13/15: Teacher Competencies Project Update - (Download PowerPoint)

Where to Access the Competencies

Click here to access the most recent version of the IN AE Teacher Competencies.

The feedback surveys for the Level 2 Performance Indicators have closed.

Check back here in the coming weeks for information on the next round of IN AE Teacher Competencies feedback.

Teacher Competencies Self-Reflection Tool

Click here to access the IN AE Teacher Competencies Self-Reflection Tool.

The feedback survey for the Self-Reflection Tool has closed.

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