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Steps You May Need to Take After Tax Day


May 20, 2021

The 2021 individual income tax deadline was Monday. Whether you filed your taxes, filed for an extension or (oops) forgot to file, DOR wants to make you aware of a few more to-do items and dates you might need to remember:

Paying a Tax Bill and Payment Plans
If you owe taxes to the state of Indiana, there are options to make paying what you owe more manageable. INTIME allows customers to pay their state taxes 24/7.

Interest will accrue on your unpaid balance, so you’ll want to pay your taxes in full (or as much as you can) as soon as possible. If you owe more than $100, you can set up a payment plan through INTIME. You can find more information about DOR payment plans by visiting our website.

Extension of Time to File
The deadline to file for an extension was on Tax Day. If the IRS granted you an extension, then an extension for Indiana is granted automatically. A timely-filed extension moves the federal tax filing deadline to Oct. 15, 2021 and the Indiana filing deadline to Nov. 15, 2021.

An extension only shifts the filing deadline, not the payment deadline. You must pay 90% of the taxes owed by the original tax deadline (May 17) and the rest by the extended deadline (Nov. 15) to avoid penalties and interest.

Unemployment Tax Information
If you still need to file your state taxes and had unemployment income in 2020 visit our website for more information about completing your tax return.

Finished Filing
Once your taxes have been filed, be sure to make and save copies of all relevant paperwork submitted in case you need to reference them later. If you receive any correspondence in the mail from DOR, respond accordingly and quickly.

For more information on individual income taxes please visit our Individual Income Tax webpage.

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