Struggling to pay your taxes? Taxpayer Advocate Office (TAO) is here to help

October 11, 2017

Having troubles paying your taxes? We have the solution, the Taxpayer Advocate Office.

Taxpayer Advocates work with you to solve problems that have not been resolved through normal channels. They are ready to step in and help you in a variety of situations.

Advocates are your final resource to solve any issues you may have with the Indiana Department of Revenue. So, if you are struggling with your taxes, contact the Taxpayer Advocate Office, before legal action is taken.

If you’ve contacted Taxpayer Services and/or the Payment Services Division and have been unable to solve your tax situation, your next step is to contact the Taxpayer Advocate Office. To get started, you MUST file the correct forms.

Advocates can set up new payment plans, investigate procedural & policy disputes, review staff and service complaints and more. Remember, if a legal action has already been filed, the TAO cannot stop this action. Each situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The TAO team is now setting up a process to work with Active Duty Service Members. More information on that program will be coming soon.

You can contact the TAO at: (317) 232-4692.