Taxes for Convenience Stores

For many business owners, understanding taxes is one of the biggest challenges. Depending on the products and services offered, convenience store and gas station operators may be required to collect and remit many different tax types, including:

  • Food and beverage tax
  • Gasoline tax
  • Individual income withholding
  • Prepaid 911 fees
  • Sales tax
  • Sales tax on special fuel

Webinar - Convenience Stores and Indiana Taxes

This webinar will cover information on sales, fuel, gasoline use, witholding, corporate income, and AGI taxes as well as records retention and the prepaid wireless fee.

If your organization would like to schedule an in-person seminar, you may email us at: .

The Indiana Tax Handbook for Convenience Store and Gas Station Operators is designed to guide convenience store and gas station operators through the process of collecting and remitting the required Indiana taxes.