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Digital Learning and Professional Development

Digital Learning Parent and Family Support Grant

The Indiana Department of Education’s (IDOE’s) Digital Learning Parent and Family Support Grant is available to any Indiana public school corporation or public charter school. The grant allows a school or corporation to design a plan to support parents with topics related to educational technology and blended/virtual learning environments. The grant funds are used to support one or more of the following strands:

  • Parent Knowledge: Knowledge of educational technology and virtual learning
  • Parent Involvement: Support with blended and virtual learning
  • Professional Development (PD): PD for staff specific to parent engagement with digital learning

2022-2023 Digital Learning Parent and Family Support Grant Recipients

Summer of Learning Grant

The Summer of Learning Grant enables public school corporations, charter schools, or collaborations to host summer conferences, helping educators learn about teaching and learning in technology-rich environments. The regional conferences provide educators opportunities to connect with innovative, technology-enhanced pedagogy related to:

  • Supporting underserved populations;
  • Science of reading;
  • Integrated STEM;
  • Designing virtual and blended learning experiences; and
  • Community connection and support.

2023 Summer of Learning Grant Recipients

Digital Learning Coach Mini Grant

The Digital Learning Coach Mini Grant enables Indiana public school corporations or charter schools to support the work of individuals in a digital learning coaching role. The grant allows a coach and their school or corporation to design a plan specifically for the coach to increase their capacity in serving their local school or corporation, supporting the following strands:

  • Virtual Instruction
  • Digital Integration Coaching Cycles or Models
  • Learning Recovery Efforts and Best Practices for Virtual Instruction
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

2022-2023 Digital Learning Coach Mini Grant Recipients

Digital Learning Grant

The Digital Learning Grant provides funds to expand technology integration at public school corporations. Grants were awarded to support the following strands:

  • Building teacher capacity and learning for high-quality blended and online learning instructional practices and strategies, as outlined in the Educator Standards for Blended and Online Learning;
  • Strengthening teacher capacity and learning of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) instructional strategies to support blended and online learning;
  • Implementing strategies to address data presented by IDOE on the academic impact of COVID-19 learning disruptions, specifically for the most impacted student populations in current blended and online learning environments (e.g., ethnically and racially diverse, special education, and English learner students); and
  • Purchasing and implementing technology tools directly related to the above priorities.

Fall 2022 Digital Learning Grant Recipients

Other Initiatives