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Water Conservation

Sources of Information

Environmental Protection AgencyOffice of Water
This site has Cleaner Water Through Conservation that explains the relationship between the quantity of water and its quality and discusses how developing water-use efficiency programs can help states and local communities achieve cleaner water through conserving water. There is also a topic called Water for Kids that includes: projects, art, and experiments to involve kids and students.

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
This site has the Consumer Water Center that includes water conservation information and tips and WaterWiser , the Water Efficiency Clearinghouse.

H2O USEWater Saver Home.
This site has a Home Tour to investigate water savings opportunities in each area of your home, a Water Budget Calculator, Top 5 Actions to best save water in and around your home, and a Garden Guide. 

Water Use It WiselyWater Saving Tips.
This site has 100 Ways to Save Water and Counting, Family Water Audit, Landscape Watering Guide, Educational Tools, and New Technologies.


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