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Network to Freedom

Eleutherian College
Eleutherian College
Jefferson County, IN

In 1998, the Congress through the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Act of 1998, Public Law 105-203, established the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program. Under this directive, the National Park Service established the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program for:

  1. To recognize the importance of the Underground Railroad, the sacrifices made by those who used the Underground Railroad in search of freedom from tyranny and oppression, and the sacrifices made by the people who helped them.
  2. To authorize the National Park Service to coordinate and facilitate Federal and non-Federal activities to commemorate, honor, and interpret the history of the Underground Railroad, its significance as a crucial element in the evolution of the national civil rights movement, and its relevance in fostering the spirit of racial harmony and national reconciliation.

The National Park Service, through shared leadership with local, state and federal entities, as well as interested individuals and organizations, will:

  • Promote programs and partnerships to commemorate the Underground Railroad
  • Preserve sites and other resources associated with the Underground Railroad
  • Educate the public about the historical significance of the Underground Railroad

The DHPA is a proud partner with the Federal program

One facet of this program is inclusion in the Network to Freedom. Places, events, people, collections, or programs can be listed in the Network. Any element nominated to the Network must have an association to the Underground Railroad, be well documented in a verifiable way using professional methods of historical research, and follow the application process outlined by the Park Service. The staff at the DHPA will also help you as you work through this process of applying to the Network to Freedom.

Indiana Network to Freedom Members


  • Historic Eleutherian College (Madison, Indiana)
  • Levi Coffin House State Historic Site (Fountain City, Indiana)
  • Lyman Hoyt House (Madison, Indiana)
  • Georgetown District (Madison, Indiana)
  • John H. Tibbetts House (Madison, Indiana)
  • Decatur County Court House (Greensburg, Indiana)
  • Dr. Samuel Tibbets Home (Lancaster, Indiana)
  • Isaiah Walton Home (Lancaster, Indiana)
  • John Gill and Martha Wilson Craven Home (Lancaster, Indiana)
  • Seymour Train Station (Seymour, Indiana)
  • Margaret and William Hicklin Home (North Vernon, Indiana)


  • Department of Natural Resources-Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology-Underground Railroad Initiative (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Indiana Freedom Trails Educational & Research Program (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • The Underground Railroad in Floyd County, Indiana (New Albany, Indiana)
  • Freedom is My Home (Columbus, Indiana)

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