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Indiana Big Tree Register

The DNR Division of Forestry publishes the Indiana Big Tree Register (IBTR), a list of the largest known specimen of each native tree species in the state on a five-year cycle. The nominating period for the 2020 register is closed.

The register requires three measurements: trunk circumference, in inches, at 4 1/2 feet above the ground; total height, in feet; and average crown spread, in feet. The total size of a tree is calculated using the formula: circumference + height + 1/4 average crown spread. The individual tree of each Indiana Native tree species with the highest total points is Indiana's champion. All nominations are reviewed. For each species, the four highest scores are verified for species and score before acceptance in the register. View detailed instructions.

For more information, contact The Community and Urban Forestry Program at 317-234-6568 or email

2015 Big Tree Register

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