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Barn Owl Nest Webcam

Barn owls are rare

Barn owls have been nesting in this DNR-built nest box inside a barn in southern Indiana since 2009. Barn owls are an endangered species in Indiana, mostly due to habitat loss. The Indiana DNR continues to work with the public to place nest boxes where suitable habitat is available. Wildlife biologists within the Division of Fish & Wildlife have placed more than 400 barn owl nest boxes since 1984. These owls typically lay their eggs in March or April, with chicks hatching in April or May.

How to help

Donate to the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund to increase nest box sites and help more than 750 nongame and endangered species throughout Indiana.

The camera may be offline temporarily because of power or internet loss.

Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area also has a nest camera featuring barn owls.

The video is best viewed with the Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browsers. Currently, the camera can support up to 20 simultaneous viewers. If it is busy, please try again later.

Disclaimer: This camera is a live feed of barn owls. Natural events may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. Additionally, some owlets may not survive due to weather extremes or limited food availability. DNR will not intervene with routine natural events. Banding of barn owlets will take place when it is determined that owlets are healthy to keep track of barn owl movements and mortality.

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