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Women on the Water

Join the community of Hoosier anglers on the water

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Fishing renews

Renew your connection to the outdoors and join a growing community of women who love getting on the water to go fishing.

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Across Indiana, women are casting lines and experiencing the benefits of fishing. They share stories about recent outings, treasured memories, and the feeling of renewal fishing can bring, doing what they can to invite other women to join them.

Nationwide, more women are fishing than ever. The DNR is committed to making fishing accessible and welcoming to all. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, we’re here to support you. So, grab a rod and invite a friend. It’s time to fish!

Renew family memories

Women and girl fishing

Find places to fish, camp, and picnic in the Indiana DNR recreation guide.

Hear it from a Hoosier angler

Women holding fishing pole

“I grew up on Long Island, surrounded by water. My grandpa taught me to fish when I was a kid, and it was a way to spend time with him. He used to take me and my siblings fishing and whoever caught the biggest fish that day got a dollar.”

- Jessi

Renew a connection to nature

Women holding fish

Find your next fishing location on our Where to Fish map.

Hear it from a Hoosier angler

Women holding fishing pole

Fishing for me is a way to connect with nature, family and friends. I find it to be both peaceful and challenging at times.

Catching is of course the best part of fishing. The rush you get when you feel the bite on your line, the fight to reel the fish in, and watching a landed fish swim back to its home is the best. It's also nice to just be out on the water. The peace you can get from the sound of a river flowing or the calm of a lake, the relaxation of putting your feet in the water, whether in waders or water shoes, and the connection felt with the Earth, and resources provided, are unbeatable.”

- Meagan

Renew a passion for adventure

Boots walking under water.

Advance your skills in a DNR fishing class or learn a new fishing technique.

Hear it from a Hoosier angler

Women holding fish

“I like the diversity of fishing and exploring what I can’t see above the surface. My love of wildlife and curiosity push me to explore many forms of fishing and in different locations so that I might catch something new. I fly fished for trout in Utah, spearfished invasives in Hawaii, flossed for salmon in Alaska, dropped crab pots in Washington, and shoreline fished for mackerel in Ireland. Fishing gets me outside and fulfills my desire to travel."

- Erica

Renew fun with friends

Women fishing on lake shore

Meet new friends in fishing groups like Bass’N Gals or Casting for Recovery.

Hear it from a Hoosier angler

Women with fishing rod

“I had a fly rod for about 10 years before I even took it out of the package. One day, I just decided to try it. My casting was terrible to start, but I caught a bass and a bluegill in my first 10 minutes. I was hooked.

I went to a local fly shop for more info and gear and found the fly fishing community. It really is an extended family. I then learned about Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and Casting for Recovery. I now volunteer with both organizations. I have met many new life long friends through fly fishing. Now it is so much more than just catching fish. It is a connection with others.”

- Elizabeth

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