Grants Management

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Grants Management exists to assist the Indiana Department of Homeland Security in effectively and efficiently managing federal grant funding awarded to Indiana for the advancement of homeland security initiatives in accordance with the Indiana Strategy for Homeland Security.

IDHS Equipment Information Bulletin

SHSP Conference Request Form
EMPG Conference Request Form
HMEP Conference Request Form

Indiana Grants Management System (iGMS) New User Request

State Grant Programs

Secured School Safety Grant Program Information
Information on the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grant program
Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grant Program

Federal Grant Programs

State Homeland Security Program
Emergency Management Performance Grant
Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant Program
Assistance to Firefighters Grant
State Fire Training Systems Grant (National Fire Administration Grant)
Infrastructure Fund
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Nonprofit Security Grant Program Information

Indiana Grants Management System (iGMS)


Definition of Grant Terms
RFE Example
Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN) - Preparation Information
Indiana Grants Management System Manual
Indiana Grants Administrative Plan


Sub-Recipient Grant Management and Monitoring Policy 
Equipment Inventory PDF


The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) has moved to using the Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) Supplier Portal which encompasses electronic contracting that will use the PeopleSoft Supply Contract Module (SCM). PeopleSoft and the SCM are accessible only through the State’s Supplier Portal administered by the Indiana Department of Administration. SCM is the mechanism in how grantees will receive their grant agreement/contract for electronic signing.  Each contractor or grantee is required to complete the State’s supplier registration process and obtain a unique PeopleSoft identification ID and password. This process ensures the contractor/grantee understands the electronic signature process and agrees to execute contracts in that manner.

For information regarding contract administration please see the link below:

For information regarding Bidder registration, auditor of the State (Direct Deposit Form and W-9, and the Indiana Secretary of State (SOS) please see the link below:

Grants Toolkit

FEMA Authorized Equipment List
Environmental and Historic Preservation Screening Form
Completed Sample Environment Form
Budget Example
How to enter a Request For Expenditure (RFE) - for Sub Recipients
Indiana Grants Management System - iGMS - Information on all available federal grant programs
FEMA - Grant Programs Directorate Information Bulletins
State of Indiana Travel Policy Information