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About Fire Certifications

Firefighters put their health on the line every day to protect members of their community. Training and certifications provide additional education that can help protect these public servants.

For the Fire Certifications Prerequisite List, click here.


 Certification Course



 Module A, B, C & D
 Mandatory Firefighter & Firefighter I & II
 Airport FF
 Fire Inspector 1 & 2
 Instructor 1 & 2/3
 Fire Investigator
 Public Educator 1 & 2
 International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Seals (IFSAC)

 Nichelle (Shelly) Elliot


 All Rescues Ops/Tech
 Confined Space, Vehicle, Machinery, Rope, Structural Collapse, Swift Water, Trench
 Driver Operator – ALL
 Fire Officer – ALL
 Incident & Health Safety Officer
 Fire Officer Strategies and Tactics (FOST)
 Hazardous Materials – ALL
 Technical Rescue

Teri Dearmin


 All Reciprocity Request
 WebForm Issues

 Regine Johnson


 Questions regarding Exams
 Test Question Challenges
 Problems with any courses
 Executive Leadership Development Courses

 Donna Saine


Instructor Bulletins