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Requirements for Electronic Filing


  • Certified project drawings must all be signed & sealed, electronically or by hand.
  • All drawings are to be submitted in PDF format.
  • Drawings must be uploaded after online payment. (Multiple uploads are allowed per filing.)
  • The entire project should be filed electronically, including all subsequent filings.
  • Package to be filed online here
  • Keep plots to black, white & greys.


  • Complete, including:
    • All signatures
    • Email address (please verify correct email address is provided)
    • Fax number
    • Please upload a signed and executed copy of application(s) saved as a PDF (to be sent along with drawing files)


  • Make payable to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.
  • To use this service, an instant access fee and credit card fee or a $1.00 e-check fee apart from the normal project filing and form fees will apply.
  • Payments can be made by cash, e-check or credit card.
  • A confirmation will be emailed to the submitter.

Please note all applications are available on the website here

A confirmation email containing the project number, fee amount paid or owed, and code official name will be sent to the submitter 4 to 5 business days after online electronic filing is received.

Note: The electronic seal and signature is approved in accordance with Indiana Code 26-2-8 (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act).