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Indiana EMS Course Information

Core Course Information

The following documents are provided to give you the minimum requirements for each type of EMS Course. These courses are:

  • EMR
  • EMT
  • AEMT (ALS Training Institutions)

EMS Course Requirements
Indiana EMS Commission Levels of EMS Personnel Certification Quick Reference
Indiana Skill Levels and Scope of Practice

Indiana EMS Course Standards

The following documents are the minimum course times and standards for each EMS course. All courses must comply with the minimum standards for course approval. Pre-requisite and co-requisite material can be applied towards the section time standards, but you must indicate that in your syllabi. Any questions regarding course creation can be sent to certcourseapps@dhs.in.gov.

National Education Standards and Instructional Guidelines

The following are links to the National Educational Standards and Instructional Guidelines. Please utilize these documents as guides to creating your syllabi. All sections of the instructional guidelines must be addressed in your course, according to the Indiana EMS Commission, as well as any Indiana specific curricula which can be found in the minimum course hours documents above.

Additional and Supplemental Course Information


As of January 1, 2010, all Indiana First Responders are required to have Autism training. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Preparedness and Training Division has a FREE online training course that First Responders can complete to fulfill the requirements for this training. The online course can be found through IDHS Learning Management System.


In 2013, the Indiana Legislature adopted the POST, the Physician’s Orders for Scope of Treatment. All certified EMS responders in Indiana must successfully complete the Indiana EMS POST Exam by December 31, 2014. Click here for information on what you need to know as an EMS responder regarding POST.

START Triage

The purpose of this course is to provide you with knowledge of a system that will help you to quickly and effectively conduct medical triage on a mass casualty scene. When first responders arrive on a mass casualty emergency scene the rules of triage change. Responders must do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people injured. START Triage provides methodology and a system to accomplish that imperative. The online course can be found through IDHS Learning Management System.

Narcan Training

Below are two training programs approved by the EMS Commission for the use of Narcan.  Please feel free to customize the training programs to your department needs with consolation from your local medical director. In 2014, the Indiana Legislature defined who may provide overdose medication. View IC 16-31-3-23.5

Emergency Administration of Epinephrine

Guidance on Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels