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State Agencies/Voluntary Organizations

Cooperating State Agencies and Voluntary Organizations Many disasters are handled at the county level. Some disasters, however, are beyond the capability of the local community and require additional resources. When this happens, county officials may declare a "local state of emergency," which legally opens the door to state resources. Through the coordinated efforts of the public safety agencies listed below, requests for disaster assistance are quickly and efficiently addressed via the emergency operations center. To find out more about these groups, simply click on their title (some agencies do not have a web site).

  • American Red Cross (view)
  • Attorney General (view)
  • Auditor of State (view)
  • Board of Animal Health (view)
  • Board of Tax Review (view)
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles (view)
  • Archives and Records Administration (view)
  • Department of Administration (view)
  • Department of Corrections (view)
  • Department of Environmental Management (view)
  • Department of Family and Social Services (view)
  • Department of Health (view)
  • Department of Insurance (view)
  • Department of Labor (view)
  • Department of Natural Resources (view)
  • Department of Personnel (view)
  • Department of Revenue (view)
  • Department of Transportation (view)
  • Department of Workforce Development (view)
  • Economic Development Corporation (view)
  • Indiana Civil Air Patrol (view)
  • Indiana Grain Buyers & Warehouse Licensing Agency (view)
  • Indiana National Guard (view)
  • Indiana State Police (view)
  • Mennonite Disaster Service (view)
  • Port Commission (view)
  • Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) (view)
  • Salvation Army (view)
  • State Budget Agency (view)
  • State Board of Accounts (view)
  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction (view)
  • Utility Regulatory Commission (view)