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Boiler and Pressure Vessels

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pressure gauge, blurred, selective focus, silverThe Boilers and Pressure Vessels Section maintains a program of periodic inspection for regulated boilers and pressure vessels not otherwise exempted at 680 IAC 2-1-2 (f) or 680 IAC 2-1-5.

The section is currently designated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board (NB) to provide audit services for accreditation. These accreditation programs serve to evaluate Indiana manufacturers and/or contractors for certification, as required, for such regulated activity. There are approximately 100 Indiana manufacturers and/or repair contractors who routinely request audit services from the section. This number is steadily increasing in proportion to the awareness of the public for their obligation to statutory requirements for regulated boilers and pressure vessels under their care or custody. Additionally, the section periodically audits owner or user inspection agencies (utility and petrochemical companies) who are authorized to inspect owned equipment.

Where regulated boilers and pressure vessels are insured by (statutorily) authorized insurance inspection agencies, the required inspections may be requested from the responsible inspector employed by the insuring agency. Otherwise, inspection requests must be sent to the section for scheduling by a state-employed inspector. To the extent possible, the section engages in oversight activities to encourage uniform enforcement of boiler and pressure vessel rules.

Licensing for inspection is required of all inspectors and implemented through the authority of the Division of Fire and Building Safety.

The section provides the administrative, technical and professional support to all agencies and organizations associated with Indiana requirements for regulation of boilers and pressure vessels.

Indiana boiler and pressure vessel rules 680 IAC 2 are promulgated by the rules board which is appointed by the Governor IC 22-12-4-1 and represents the interests of industry in Indiana and the regulated community. 


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