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Fire Suppression System

For an Existing Project

Check the status of an existing project

File an addendum to an existing project: Addendum Application

File a partial: Fire Suppression System Application (Make sure to include a copy of the NICET Card or Certificate (if required) with the application.)

File a project electronically

For a New Project

File a project electronically

Construction Design Release Application
(Complete and upload with drawing(s) when filing online.)

What are the drawings required for filing?

  • Drawings showing size of water main, static residual pressure and gpm
  • Drawings showing control valves, check valves, inspection connection, drain valve and fire department connection
  • Floor plan showing riser, cross main, branch lines and sprinkler location
  • Sprinkler cut sheets
  • Hanger details
  • Standpipe details, roof manifold and bottom connections
  • High pile storage information: height and type of commodity
  • Type of storage: rack, solid pile or palletized
  • Flow test information and date

What is the cost of filing?

Fee Schedule - 675 IAC 12-3-2 Schedule of fees for site built construction

Would you like to expedite your project?

Note: The fee to expedite is $5,000.00 in addition to the required standard fees.

  • File your project online and after a successful submission, send an email to the IDHS plan review staff at planreview@dhs.in.gov and request that your project be expedited. The email should include the project number assigned to your filing.
  • For paper filing (mailed or walk-in) contact the plan review branch at planreview@dhs.in.gov prior to submitting and request an expedited plan review. You will need to provide the project scope of work or work description to help determine if the proposed work can be expedited.

For general questions, call 317-232-6422.