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Do I Need to File?

To determine if your project may be exempt from filing with the State, please send an email to planreview@dhs.in.gov Please give a detailed description of work to be performed as well as city and county where the work will take place.

The chart below is intended to be an aid in determining whether Indiana law requires you to file your project with the state of Indiana. As always, IDHS recommends you contact a construction design professional to ensure compliance with all Indiana laws.

  • If one scope is required to be filed, then all scopes must be filed.
  • All work must comply with all applicable codes whether or not it is required to be filed.
  • Work exempted from filing with the State may require local permits.

Definition of Class 1 structure:

Any structure that is used or occupied by:

  • The public
  • Employees
  • Three or more tenants
  • Site improvement that affects persons with disabilities
  • Storage facilities, tanks and dispensing equipment for flammable and combustible liquids or gases

Decision Logic Chart

The following web page provides to access the General Administrative Rules (GAR) as well as the amendments for all applicable building codes for the State of Indiana.  http://www.in.gov/dhs/2490.htm