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Fireworks Information

Generally speaking, the State Fire Marshal enforces laws governing the use, possession, shipment and sale of fireworks in Indiana. See Indiana Code Chapter 22-11-14. These laws require:

  1. manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors to obtain a certificate of compliance in order to sell fireworks at wholesale, offer to sell fireworks at wholesale, or ship fireworks or cause fireworks to be shipped into Indiana;
  2. retailers to obtain a certificate of compliance in order to sell consumer and section 8(a) fireworks from tents and other structures;
  3. retailers selling section 8(a) items from temporary stands to obtain a fireworks stand retails sales permit;
  4. a permit to conduct a supervised public display of fireworks (which allows possession, transportation, and delivery of special fireworks); and
  5. use of fireworks to be limited to adults (or under the supervision of an adult) at specific dates, times, and locations.

For more information about these programs and to apply for a permit or certificate of compliance, please review the information below. Questions can be directed to (317) 232-1407 or codepermits@dhs.in.gov.