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Fireworks Information

Fireworks Information / Enforcement
(317) 232-2222

Application Deadlines:
Retail stands - June 1
Wholesale - June 15

*WHOLESALERS NOTE: Pursuant to 675 IAC 12-3-9 of the General Administrative Rules, ‘An application for issuance of a fireworks manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or importer permit under IC 22-11-14-5 shall be accompanied by payment in the amount of $1,000 for each such permit’. Each wholesaler must apply for a separate permit for each wholesale location, as indicated on the application along with the payment of $1,000 per location.

Apply for IDHS Fireworks Permit Online - valid for current calendar year

Apply for - Supervised Public Display of Fireworks Permit Online

Note: when completing an online application, please use Internet Explorer.

Application Information

The Fire and Building Safety Division will only accept VISA Credit Cards for those applications that are filed on-line from our web site.

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