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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials
Office: 1-800-423-0765
Emergency (24 hours): 1-800-669-7362 (Press 1)

The emergency response personnel assigned to the Division of Fire and Building Safety serve as on-site technical advisors at large fires and hazardous materials incidents to the more than 900 fire departments within the state. They respond to a wide range of emergencies, often working side by side with other state agencies, such as the Indiana State Police, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and state and local health departments.

These individuals become key members in incident control and carry a variety of instruments and technical equipment to help fire departments identify a threat to public health and safety. They assist fire departments in evacuation work by printing color plume dispersal maps that reflect the findings of an air quality survey. At larger incidents, the responders work with the fire chief to ensure that all emergency operations are in compliance with occupational safety and health standards as set out in Occupational Health and Safety Administration's Regulation 1910.

When an incident becomes so involved or so large that local resources are taxed beyond their capabilities, the emergency responders often assist these jurisdictions by identifying and placing in action the appropriate state resource.

Click the link below to open examples of standard operating guidelines that may be adapted for use by hazardous material teams. This file is in Adobe Acrobat format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the file. It is available free at http://www.adobe.com/. Select "bookmarks and page" (Ctrl + 7) from the view drop down list. This will display each guideline category. Click the category to go to the guideline or you may use the arrows to change the pages.