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S&R Training Advisory Committee

During federal fiscal year 2004, the Search and Rescue Training Center created a Search and Rescue Advisory Committee (SARTAC).  Member positions are volunteer positions and identified as SARTAC Cadre. The committee is a diverse group of individuals that represent many search disciplines. Members come from several Agencies and Organizations that utilize the Search and Rescue Training Center.

These individuals have expertise in the disciplines they represent and come from search and rescue organizations, public safety organizations, professional and academic institutions involved with public safety and/or search and rescue initiatives or services, and non-public safety organizations with public safety and/or search and rescue initiatives or interests.

The Committee will focus on recommending curriculum, developing new training courses, reviewing course material, assisting instructors during courses, identifying possible instructors, and other important issues around which consensus can be reached and joint action undertaken. This was done in order to provide more effective training, coordination, and communications between the Search and Rescue Training Center and the search and rescue responders. The final decision on what is presented to the Homeland Security Training Institute rests with the Search and Rescue Manager for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

SARTAC Committee Members

Meetings - None scheduled at this time


For training opportunities, please email Training@dhs.IN.gov