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Child Support Bureau Policies

The DCS Title IV-D Policy Manual provides guidance to program participants and local county prosecutor’s staff performing child support program services on Indiana’s policies and procedures for the state’s Title IV-D Child Support program.

Chapter 1:  Establishment and Administration of the Program

Chapter 2:  Funding

Chapter 3:  Case Initiation

Chapter 4:  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Cases

Chapter 5:  Department of Child Services (DCS) Child Welfare Cases

Chapter 6:  Medicaid Cases

Chapter 7:  Multi-County Case Processing

Chapter 8:  Parent Locate

Chapter 9:  Paternity Establishment

Chapter 10:  Child Support Order Establishment

Chapter 11:  Order Entry

Chapter 12:  Enforcement

Chapter 13:  Review and Adjustment-Modification of the Child Support Order

Chapter 14:  Payment Processing

Chapter 15:  Medical Support

Chapter 16:  Intergovernmental Case Processing

Chapter 17:  Case Closure

Chapter 18:  Confidentiality and Security

Chapter 19:  Deceased Participants

Chapter 20:  Other Child Support Related Topics

Chapter 21: Glossary

Child Support Enforcement Resources
Links to other child support enforcement websites at the national and state levels:

Indiana Child Support Rules and Guidelines
Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement

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