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Becoming a Licensed Provider

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Residential/LCPA Licensing with the Indiana Department of Child Services. The resources below are included as they are beneficial to agencies inquiring about licensure. Please review the below information prior to submitting an inquiry form to the DCS licensing team. Please email the licensing team ( if you have any questions. Thank you!

Copies of the current Residential and LCPA Contracts are listed below and can be a source of helpful information regarding contractual requirements, provider responsibilities, payment processes, etc.

Indiana Legislation
Indiana Code (IC) and Indiana Administative Code (IAC) contain the legal codes that govern licensed entities (i.e., residential facilities and licensed child placing agencies). Legal code covers a variety of items including, but not limited to: administrator qualification requirements,  physical space requirements, and staff ratios.

Forms and Tools
Below are various tools and forms utilized by agencies in the initial licensure process.

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