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Most of the forms on this page are downloadable as PDFs. Some are Microsoft Word or Excel files.

Forms marked "Read-only" cannot be filled in on your computer. They must be printed out and filled in by hand or typewriter.

Abuse/Neglect Adoption Child Support Communications EducationFinanceFoster/Relative Care


Preliminary Report of Alleged Child Abuse or Neglect 00114/CW 0310
Used to document allegations of abuse or neglect. Agencies who report abuse or neglect follow up the report using this form to document and send the written report to the local child protection office.

Application for Child Abuse Research 00116/CW 0321 [Read-only] 
Used to insure that children in the care of the state are not subjected to unreasonable intrusion or involvement if it is deemed appropriate for them to be part of a child abuse research project in any way - either directly or through use of their personal information. This form is used by individuals interested in conducting child abuse or neglect research that would involve gathering information about or directly from children in the care of the state.

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Child Registration: Indiana Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP) Picture Book 11840/CW 1440

Application for Criminal History Background Check 53259/CW 3610

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Child Support


Enroll for Title IV-D Child Support Services

Inscripción de Servicios de Manutención Infantil

Direct Deposit Authorization, State Form 51519

Non-Custodial Parent's Child Support Payment Remittance Form

Child Support Calculator

Child Support Obligation Worksheet

Arrearage Calculation Worksheet 51799/CSB 0008

Financial Statement 51798/CSB 0011


Employer Online Payment System Website Setup Information 51796/CSB 0010

Employer Remittance 51923/CSB 0013

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Authorization to Use and Release Information, Story, Words, Photos or Video, SF 55670 Word PDF

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Instructions for School Invoicing PDF

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Accounts Payable Voucher 53786/DCS1105

Appeal for Additional Funding SF 54870

Child Placing Agency (CPA) and Department Managed Foster Homes Request for Review of Childs Category of Supervision, SF 55158 PDF Word

Foster Parent Travel Invoice SF 54836

Foster Parent Travel Invoice Instructions

Inventory of Personal Items SF 54315

KidTraks e-Invoicing Guide for Day Care Providers

KidTraks e-Invoicing Guide for Day Care Reimbursement for Resource Parents

KidTraks Vendor Portal User Agreement

P-Card Tracking Sheet

Record of Telephone Price Quotations (PDF) SF 43464

Relative Parent Travel Invoice Instructions

Relative Parent Travel Invoice (Excel) SF 54981

Rental Agreement [Read-only]

Residential Treatment Services Provider (RTSP) and Child Placing Agency (CPA) Rates Administrative Appeal Request

Residential Treatment Services Provider (RTSP) and Child Placing Agency (CPA) Rates Administrative Review Request

Security Deposit Agreement

Standard Invoice - Claim for Support of Children (Excel format) 28808/DCS0327

W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Automated Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement, SF 47551

W-9 and Direct Deposit Form Instructions

W-9 and Direct Deposit Form Q&A

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Foster/Relative Placement

Foster/Relative Licensing and Placement Forms

Foster Care Support Tax Credit application

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