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Zero Abuse Project Trainer

Rita Farrell - Lead Forensic Interview Specialist

Rita FarrellRita Farrell serves as the Lead Forensic Interview Specialist of the Zero Abuse Project. Rita has been in the field for more than 20 years and manages the ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Training Program, ChildFirst® Arkansas state program, and the development of advanced training courses and programs for forensic interviewers. Rita is a certified law enforcement instructor and provides training and technical assistance for child protection professionals.

Rita currently conducts forensic interviews and has interviewed more than 1,500 children. She serves as an expert witness on child sexual abuse, authored many peer reviewed articles specific to forensic interviewing and has trained nationally since 2005 on issues relating to child maltreatment and forensic interviewing.

Rita graduated from Ball State University with a degree in secondary education and was the founding executive director of Chaucie’s Place, a Child Advocacy Center in Hamilton County, Indiana. As a national trainer, Rita continues to champion the cause of child advocacy and the field of forensic interviewing.