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Service Standards (Community Based RFP Attachment A)

Services Standards are listed below as individual documents. All Service Standards are effective 12/5/2018 unless otherwise noted.

Human Service Related Degree Course Worksheet

Service Standard Clarifications and Revisions

Addiction Services

Drug Testing and Supplies

Random Drug Testing

Residential Substance Use Treatment

Substance Use Disorder Assessment

Substance Use Outpatient Treatment

Withdrawal Management

START Family Mentor

START Treatment Coordinator


Adoption Services

Post-Adoption Services

Adoption - Child Preparation

Family Prep Home Study


Resource Family Services

Support Group Services for Resource Families

Resource Family Support Services


Family Centered Services

CHINS Parent Support

Comprehensive Services


Cross Systems Care Coordination

Domestic Violence - Batterer's Intervention

Domestic Violence - Survivor and Child Intervention

Family Centered Treatment

Father Engagement

Functional Family Therapy

Home Based Casework

Home Based Therapy

Homemaker/Parent Aid


Parent Education

Parent Family Functioning Assessment

Sexually Harmful and Reactive Youth

Transition from Restrictive Placement

Truancy Termination


Visitation Facilitation


Probation Services

Current Day Treatment/Day Reporting

Day Reporting (Effective 7/1/2019)


Other Services



Children's Mental Health Initiative

Diagnostic and Evaluation

Med Assessment for MRO

Med Medication Training and Support

Med Peer Recovery Support

Voluntary Residential Services Oversight


Specialized Services

Specialized Services












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