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Court Reform Grants

The 2023 Court Reform Grant Application will be available Fall 2022.

In the past, Court Reform grants have been available in these categories: Technological Innovation; Improving Court Safety and Security; and Genius Grants.  Grant priority areas for 2023 will be determined by the Supreme Court and will be outlined in the grant application.

For any questions regarding the Court Reform grants, please contact Joseph Fischer, Staff Attorney, at

2022 Voucher and Report Documents

2022 Court Reform cash request form/claim voucher

2022 Court Reform quarterly report

2022 Court Reform closing report

2021 Voucher and Report Documents

2021 Court Reform cash request form/claim voucher

2021 Court Reform quarterly report

2021 Court Reform closing report


Joseph Fischer, Staff Attorney
Indiana Office of Court Services

If you need copies of grant financial forms from previous grant years, please contact the staff attorney in charge of Court Reform grants.

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