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National Secure Pork Supply Plan

What is the National Secure Pork Supply Continuity of Business Plan?

The National Secure Pork Supply (SPS) Continuity of Business Plan is an initiative that provides opportunities for producers to voluntarily prepare before a disease outbreak. This will better prepare pork premises that have no evidence of infection to move animals under a movement permit issued by regulatory officials and maintain business continuity during a Foreign Animal Disease outbreak. More information about the national SPS is at:

This plan will also better position pork premises that have no evidence of infection to enhance biosecurity by limiting exposure of animals on the premises.

The Securing Indiana’s Pork Supply Plan is Indiana’s implantation of the national SPS. As part of voluntary participation in Securing Indiana's Pork Supply,

BOAH asks that the following items be completed:

  • Premises ID Validation: This is the process in which we make sure that the information we have in our database is accurate and up to date regarding the location of swine and owner contact information. Premises IDs must be validated by BOAH. Contact Dr. Maria Cooper at to get Premises IDs validated. Use the Template for Premises Verification to validate multiple premises.
  • Biosecurity Assessment: Producers work with their veterinarians to assess their site(s) biosecurity. Veterinarians complete BOAH's Self Assessment Checklist for Enhanced Biosecurity in Pork Production and submit to BOAH at
  • Certified Swine Sample Collectors: Individuals at each site or within a production system must be designated as sample collectors and trained by their accredited veterinarian to properly collect samples for diagnostic testing. Training veterinarians must use the standards of the National Certified Swine Sample Collector (CSSC) program for training. Veterinarians should contact BOAH at or (317) 607-7071 for access to the training exams and answer keys. After training is complete, documentation must be submitted by the veterinarian to BOAH at
  • Movement Permit: A test electronic movement permit must be completed and submitted. Contact BOAH Swine Health at for a copy of the movement permit.
  • "Securing Indiana's Pork Supply" Meeting: Attend a meeting with BOAH to discuss the response process, provide additional information about the Secure Pork Supply Plan, and answer any questions. Contact or (317) 607-7071 to schedule a meeting.


To learn more about the requirements for voluntary participation or for any questions, contact Dr. Kelli Werling at or (317) 607-7071