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With more than 140 attorneys throughout our agency, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General (OAG) offers the right professional fit for anyone seeking to enhance and strengthen their legal acumen. While we have a number of attorneys from law schools located within the Hoosier state, our attorney base is comprised of professionals from approximately 35 different law schools from coast to coast. Whether you have recently passed the Indiana Bar or have spent a number of years practicing in a different sector, your experience at this office will be rewarding. Deputies with our agency are not required to solicit new clients or customers, nor are billable hour requirements included in your responsibilities. Therefore, you are able to pursue the pure practice of law, which is one of the many aspects of employment with our office that is cherished by our deputies.

Professional Development

The OAG has had attorneys present arguments at the United States Supreme Court, as well as the highest courts in the State of Indiana on a regular basis. All of our divisions have a high volume caseload, so time management and prioritization certainly are attributes that must be maintained. You will have great ownership of your cases, as you will be the individual writing the appellate brief or arguing the case. If you want to practice law and play an integral part in the maintenance or formation of Indiana law, the OAG is the right place for you.

Mentors are available for all of our attorneys. Many deputies have made a career of one section or division of the office, while a long list of others has complemented their legal experience by transferring from one division to another throughout their career. Regardless of your placement in our office, there will be great knowledge, experience, and professionalism shared with you on a daily basis. Teamwork is a trait that is exhibited by all employees here, as we do not have competition within the staff for the next partner position. We work for the best interest of the citizens of the state and the state itself.

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