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Advisory Opinions

At every level of state government, elected officials do their best to make intelligent, well-considered decisions. To do so, they must rely on sound legal advice—often provided by the Attorney General’s Advisory Division. Large state agencies and individual officials alike depend on the Advisory Division’s counsel. The division also publishes official opinions related to significant state issues.

The Advisory Division does not make or recommend policy. Rather, it guides officials in their efforts to understand specific state statutes, policies, and procedures.

The Attorney General’s law clients for whom he provides legal advice are the statewide elected officials, state legislators, state agencies, and the 92 county prosecutors.

Administrative Rules

This manual provides guidelines for drafting rules for the Indiana Administrative Code, a compilation of the text of all Indiana administrative rules, and the Indiana Register, a periodic publication sharing the full text of proposed rules and other legal orders.

Administrative Rules Drafting Manual

Rulemaking Seminar

View Seminar Recording

Dual Office Holding

Under Indiana law, some government officials may not legally serve in more than one public service position at any given time. The holding of two lucrative offices may result in the constitutional violation commonly referred to as “dual office holding.” The Office of the Indiana Attorney General has created the Dual Office Holding Guide for your information. This Guide provides a four-part legal analysis that public officials may use in order to determine whether accepting a second public service position violates the law.

This guide urges all readers to seek legal advice from an attorney before deciding to accept a second public service position. For state government officials, such officials should discuss their particular fact situation with their own attorneys before seeking an opinion from the Indiana Attorney General.

Dual Office Holding Guide

OAG's Active Contracts with Outside Vendors

The Attorney General's active contracts with outside vendors can be viewed by clicking here.

Pending Rules

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is in the process of repealing and replacing the Tort Claim Notice Form. Click here to view the online rule making docket. Information about the rule can be found here. Webcast of the Public Hearing for this rule can be found here.

Public Access Handbook

This handbook provides information on Indiana’s Public Access Laws, like the Indiana Open Door Law and the Access to Public Records Act.

Public Access Handbook

Rights and Benefits for Indiana Teachers

Annual Notification of School Employees’ Rights

Summary of Rights & Benefits for Indiana Teachers

State Contingency Fee Contracts

The state contingency fee contracts can be viewed by clicking here.

Withdrawal Authorization for School Employees

Withdrawal Authorization Form.

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