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Everyone Says It's A Victimless Crime

Sex Trafficking is a crime that involves recruiting individuals through the use of force, fraud, or coercion to engage in sexual acts for the financial gain of the trafficker.


How does recruitment occur?


Traffickers target disadvantaged youth.

Traffickers develop a strong, trusting and loving relationship.

Traffickers provide necessities individuals may not be able to provide for themselves or loved ones.

Traffickers introduce individuals to drugs to develop a dependency. 

Recruitment can occur through family members. 


Common Myths

The Myth: The individual willingly became involved in the sex industry.

The Truth: While this maybe the truth initially, the individual’s initial consent is not relevant to the force, fraud, or coercion that occurs.


The Myth: She could just say no to the buyer.

The Truth: The individual may be unable to say o for various reasons such as love and lyalty for the trafficker or fear of harm or death to herself or loved ones.


The Myth: She has opportunity to leave when she is moved around.

The Truth: Oftentimes the trafficker will move the individuals around, but they are often under the influence, are constantly monitored, or transported by the trafficker and may be threatened with harm or death. 


The Myth: Individuals involved in sex trafficking are female.

The Truth: While the majority of individuals may be female, males are also susceptible.

Risk Factors:

  • Youth
  • Family violence
  • Homelessness
  • Desperation
  • A need to be loved
  • Immigration
  • Poverty
  • Drug Use

What should you do if you suspect sex trafficking?


If a minor is involved, call the Department of Child Services. 

Call local law enforcement.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-800-373-7888

Text HELP to Be Free (233733)


Additional Information:

Sex Trafficking Information Sheet - English

Sex Trafficking Information Sheet - Espanol

Contact Us:

For questions please contact:


National Human Trafficking Resource Center

Phone: 1-888-373-7888