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Homeowners' Rights


It is important consumers are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities as homeowners. In an effort to keep Hoosiers facing tough financial times in their homes, the State of Indiana has passed a law that provides Hoosiers an avenue to talk directly to their lenders, creating opportunities for homeowners to stay in their home. Benefits of this law include:

  • The lender is required to notify the homeowner of their right to request a settlement conference at the beginning of a foreclosure proceeding.
  • If the homeowner asks for a settlement conference, the judge cannot sign the foreclosure order until the settlement conference has occurred.
  • A lender must send a representative to the settlement conference.
  • The homeowner is provided information throughout the foreclosure process about the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN) 1.877.GET.HOPE (1.877.438.4673), a non profit organization that provides guidance, advice, and information to homeowners in financial trouble.

Attorneys are available to assist homeowners during a settlement conference. To request a pro bono attorney contact the IFPN. If you feel you have been the victim of a deceptive real estate transaction or have knowledge of violations committed by a licensed professional in Indiana, you can submit a consumer complaint online at or you may contact the Consumer Protection Division at 317.232.6330 or toll free at 1.800.382.5516.

Borrow Notice Information:

Mortgage loan applicants are entitled to certain rights under state law. Creditors are statutorily required to provide a notice of such rights to borrowers and perspective borrowers within three business days after having received a completed mortgage loan application.

Download the 'Borrower Notice Form' here