Regional Initiative Grants

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Regional Initiative Grants provide organizations the opportunity to apply for Arts Organization Support (Levels I or II) or Arts Project Support, depending on eligibility. On behalf of the Indiana Arts Commission, this program is administered by our Regional Arts Partners

About the Grants Available  
Arts Project Support (APS) Arts Project Support (APS) grants provide funding to Indiana arts and non-arts organizations* to support a distinct aspect of the organization’s arts activities, such as a one-time event; a single production; an exhibition; an educational seminar; or series of related arts activities, such as art classes or training sessions.
Arts Organization Support (AOS) The Arts Organization Support (AOS) provides annual operating support for the ongoing artistic and administrative functions of eligible arts organizations that align with the Indiana Arts Commission’s Public Funding Imperatives. Please note that Arts Organization Support II is a two-year grant commitment. 

General Eligibility Requirements

Overall requirements slightly vary by region and type of support (organization or project). 

  • An organization may apply for only one Regional Initiative Grant (APS, AOSI, or AOSII) in the same fiscal year.
  • Must be a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt agency, 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) OR an Indiana public entity (part of city, county, or state government);
  • Must be physically located in Indiana, have an address in the region to which the organization is applying, with the majority of its arts programming, services, or activities taking place in Indiana, and must primarily serve and engage Indiana audiences and participants;
  • Must be incorporated in the State of Indiana;
  • Must not have any outstanding Final Grant Reports due to the Indiana Arts Commission or the Regional Arts Partner; and,
  • Must have a governing body that is representative of the organization’s service area. 

Please review program guidelines and contact your Regional Arts Partner with any questions.  

Helpful Links for Current Grant Recipients 

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