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Programs and Services

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Program and Services Overview

  • Funding: The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) provides a wide range of grants to positively impact the cultural, economic and educational climate of Indiana. Grants are available to artists, nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and school corporations. Learn more about  the IAC's funding opportunities.
  • Training: Whether it's a topical webinar, statewide conference, or intense programmatic training like the On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator or the Creative Community Pathway, the Indiana Arts Commission is dedicated to providing peer to peer training needed to advance the arts in Indiana and provide all the benefits that go along with that advancement. Learn more about the IAC's training opportunities.
  • Partners: Through forging partnerships with other state agencies, local and national organizations, Indiana Cultural Districts, Regional Arts Partners, the Indiana Arts Commission has a vast network to connect Indiana's creative community and keep it thriving. Learn more about IAC's partnerships.
  • Resources: The Indiana Arts Commission is here to serve as a resource for all of Indiana's citizens. Whether you're looking for information on how to make your historic theatre more accessible or you're implementing creative placemaking with an activation alley, we have the answers you need. Learn more about resources for Indiana's artists and arts organizations.

Looking for services directly related to artists?

The Indiana Arts Commission believes you can build your thriving, creative life in Indiana exactly the way you want to. Need some help clarifying your career or business goals? Looking for something specific to get you on your way? Want to connect to other creatives here? We got you. Explore The Hub.