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Central Indiana Highlights

Andersontown Powwow and Education Day

The Andersontown Powwow and Education Day fosters cultural awareness of Native art, culture and music to underserved populations through a 4th grade cultural program and an artist-in-residence program for secondary art students in tandem with a two-day powwow and market, utilizing an interdisciplinary approach encompassing fine arts, culture, dance, music, history and language. The program seeks to increase cultural awareness of Native American art and culture, foster acceptance and appreciation of Native American heritage/arts, and celebrate the area's native history, while reinforcing the historical legacy of its Native American foundation. IAC funds will be used for performers, artists-in-residence, cultural presenters, art supplies, space rental, and transportation costs.

About Central Indiana Powwow, Inc.

Central Indiana Powwow's mission is to create cultural awareness, foster acceptance and appreciation of Native American heritage and arts and to reinforce the historical legacy of the area's Native American foundation.  The powwow is charged with providing quality programming and hosting professional artists to present before underserved audiences throughout Madison County.

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Putnam County Mural Festival

Mural art has the ability to transform communities by celebrating heritage, creating civic pride, and enriching lives through participatory artmaking. This is best accomplished when murals are used to activate spaces in areas otherwise overlooked. The Putnam County Mural Project will produce the county's first-ever mural festival by installing five beautiful murals across the county. The festival will take place September 2022 with murals featured in Greencastle, Roachdale, and Fillmore. Chosen artists will work in tandem with the PCMP team to produce work that is reflective of and responsive to the Putnam County community. IAC funds will support operational and artist fees.

About the Putnam County Mural Project (FS: Greencastle Civic League)

The mission of the Greencastle Civic League is to improve life in Greencastle, primarily through beautification, clean-up projects, cultural development and the arts. The mission of the Putnam County Mural Project is to enrich lives in Putnam County, Indiana, by engaging the community in participatory mural projects that activate space, build artistic capacity, and celebrate identity.

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The Ariana Miller Healing Notes Program

Resounding Joy will provide Shine & Sing music therapy and Shine & Sing: Ukulele for Caregivers through a partnership with GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis. This program will offer accessible music programs to children with Down syndrome and teach parents and caregivers how to enhance their child's development and reduce their own stress at home with music-making. Lindsay Zehren, MT-BC, will lead the program, which is designed to accept, celebrate, enhance the quality of life of, and empower children with disabilities. IAC funds will support programming costs for the institution of Shine & Sing at GiGi’s Playhouse.

About Resounding Joy

Resounding Joy enhances the human experience through the therapeutic use of music.

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IDD Arts Festival

LIFEDesigns’ IDD Arts Festival supports the inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the creative arts while giving these individuals and the larger community opportunities to connect, socialize, and build relationships. An All-Abilities Choir and other artists will perform at the festival. Other individuals with disabilities will have their own stations to showcase and sell their creative works. The festival—a partnership between LIFEDesigns and Aktion Club— aims to spread awareness about the passion and talent that individuals with disabilities have for art while providing the space and opportunity to them to financially benefit from their work. The event will also celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October. IAC funds will support speaker fees, physical expenses, and promotional materials.

About LIFEDesigns

LIFEDesigns' mission is to partner with and promote independence for people with disabilities.

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