Artist Services

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The Indiana Arts Commission recognizes that when artists thrive, so do their communities, and then ultimately, so does our state. By working with artists we've developed grant programs and learning opportunities to help you thrive in Indiana. Below are a list of opportunities available now, opportunities available later, connections, and resources. If you'd like to talk to someone at the Indiana Arts Commission directly about how we can assist in whatever comes next in your creative life contact our Artist Services Manager Anna Tragesser at or call (317) 232-1281.

Opportunities Available Now

The Individual Advancement Program 
This grant program is great for artists who are ready to advance their career to the next level. Artists can request up to $2,000 and in the past have that money to: Produce professional recordings; Hire editorial assistance; Travel to workshops (within the USA); Rent equipment or facilities; Purchase supplies or materials. This year we're awarding grants to artists that specialize in the performing arts, literature, or folk arts. 

The On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator
On-Ramp is perfect for artists who aren't quite ready to apply to the Individual Advancement Program. It's designed to rev up artists business skills. Whether you're starting something new, looking to deepen your business understanding or at a professional crossroad, On-Ramp delivers. 

Traditional Arts Indiana Apprenticeship Program
Whether you're a master artist or someone looking for an apprenticeship this program is for you. The Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) Apprenticeship Program will support up to six apprenticeship pairs each year, enabling apprentices to learn essential knowledge and skills in traditional art forms from master artists. 

If selected, master artists will receive an Traditional Arts Indiana Apprenticeship Application – DEADLINE: July 1, 2019 honorarium of $3,000, with additional funds to cover the cost of apprenticeship materials and resources. Each master artist will host an apprentice formally for nine months to teach culturally significant knowledge and skills necessary for the continued practice of traditional art forms.

Opportunities Available Later

Arts in the Parks and Historic Sites
Artists can request up to $2,000 to fund arts program related project that encourage the creation of and public engagement with art in the state parks and historic sites. This is a great chance to reach a new audience. 

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  • Applications will open again in summer 2019



Photos L–R: Susan Kroper, Andrea Peterson, Rebecca Stockert