Dealer Registration

To complete a new registration, please answer the following questions:
*All questions are required.

*1. Does your business purchase used jewelry or articles containing gold, silver or platinum from the public for the purpose of reselling in either the same form or in a different form? (more info)

*2. Does your business primarily sell jewelry to the public and keep records of all used jewelry purchases pursuant to IC 24-4-13? (more info)

*3. Does your business primarily purchase valuable metal, operate as a junk, scrap, salvage, auto wreckage or recycling business, keep records of all valuable metal purchases and hold all purchases for at least five days before reselling or processing pursuant to IC 25-37.5-1?

*4. Are you a licensed pawnbroker under IC 28-7-5? (more info)

*5. Does your business primarily consist of buying, selling and trading investment coins which have a value greater than their face value or collectible (numismatic) value due to age, rarity or condition? (more info)