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Search Help

Several searches are available to help you find information in the Digital Archives.
Each search is suited for different needs.

People Search

Tip: If you are uncertain of the first name, enter the first letter or leave it blank.

Example: To search on any records for James White, enter James (or J) for the first name and White for the Last Name, click search. If you are looking specifically for Naturalization records, select Naturalizations from the drop down list first and click search.

Detailed Search

Tip: Researchers can also limit their searches to counties or time frames to obtain specific records.

Example: To search for Court Records containing the last name 'Smith' from the year 1865 using detailed search, Select Court Records from the Records Series dropdown (Notice the Search Options section updates with fields specific to Court Records), enter 1865 in the year from and enter 1865 in the year to and click search.

For the names of specific Courts or Corporations enter the party in the First Name field.


Keywords may be searched for those Collections with notes in the Notes field. For Example enter “railroad” or “rail road.” All records series will appear which contain the keyword. Click on one of the collections within that series to see the results.

If a collection has the County recorded as a separate field it may also be searched as a keyword. Choose the Record Series, then the Collection, then enter the county name in the KEYWORD box. Click on the search button. This will bring up everyone from that county within the collection. As an example, if you want to find out how many people were in the National Guard from Marion County, choose the Record Series “Military”, then select “National Guard 1898-1940” and enter “Marion” in the KEYWORD box. Click on Search and you will receive all results in which a soldier is identified with living in or enrolling from Marion County. Notice that it could possibly also return results from the Notes fields.