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Department of Correction Indiana State Prison 1897-1966


Last Name Dillinger
First name John
Middle Name
Prisoner Number 13225
Arrival Date 1924/09/15
Term of Sentence 10-21 years, 2-14 years
County Morgan
Institution or Agency Indiana State Prison North
Notes Transferred from the Indiana State Reformatory. Assisted in escape from ISP - 09-26-1933. Leader of John Dillinger Gang. See Dillinger File for collection notes.
Lifer Statement Available? No
Lifer Film Roll Number
Lifer Film Volume
Lifer Film Page
Packet Type PRISONER
Packet Accession Number 1998259
Packet AAIS 103488
Packet Location 217-B-5
Packet Folder 1-4
Photo Available? yes
Photo Number DG-002
ReferenceNumber DOC025051


When the State Prison South was converted to a Reformatory, older prisoners were sent to the Northern prison. At this time all prisoners were assigned new numbers and mug shots were taken. Patrons should inquire about the availability of additional information, which will vary for each prisoner. In addition to the entries in the inmate record books, some sampled prisoner packets, warden packets, and a large collection of mug shots are available, particularly for the first nine thousand prisoners. Additionally, there is a Board of State Charities and Correction card index, and a commitment index, which may provide information regarding family members and the nature of the crime and sentence. Archives staff will check the index for patrons. For Life Prisoners, check the Indiana Life Prisoner database. Email us at For more information visit


The Indiana Digital Archives is the result of over two decades of indexing projects undertaken by Friends of the Indiana Archives volunteers. Some of the record series contained herein will offer all the information available. Other titles will serve as an index. Patrons may contact the Indiana State Archives to order additional material as described in the introductions. Visit us at and for more information. Feel free to email us at if you do not find what you need.