Permit Application

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  • Using this form to submit your permit application electronically can eliminate up to 4 weeks in the review process. Simply choose 'Continue' at the bottom of this page and then continue through the program answering each question on the form. Most pages have a link in the title which will take you to the section of the manual discussing that particular question. To return to the form after reading the description use the 'Back' button on your browser. If you have questions on completing this electronic application, please contact DNR, Division of Water, Technical Services Section at our toll free number 1-877-928-3755 or 317-232-4160.

    The credit card information that you provide in this electronic application process will be charged the price of the application fee, an Enhanced Access Fee of $15.00 for filing electronically and an Instant Access Fee at the rate $1 plus 2% of the total transaction.

    You will be given 7 days following an electronic permit application submittal to provide the Division of Water with the additional information required to complete the review of the application. This information includes:

    • Signed Statement of Affirmation (refer to the Division of Water's Electronic Submission Acknowledgement notice that will be emailed to you within 2 business days)
    • Project site map
    • Photographs of site area
    • Project plans or drawings to scale
    • As applicable, include project dimensions, materials, and construction methods
    • For Flood Control Act applications, submit hydraulic modeling as required in the General Guidelines for the Hydrology-Hydraulic Assessment of Floodplains in Indiana

    The Division will e-mail you an Electronic Submission Acknowledgement notice within 2 business days to confirm receipt of this electronic application. The email will also include instructions on the public notice requirements. Please note that public notice must be served to the adjacent landowners after the application is received at the Division of Water. Therefore, do not serve Public Notice until you have received the Electronic Submission Acknowledgement notice.

    The following table shows the application processing fees for regulatory programs administered by the Division of Water:

    Permit Application Fee




    IC 14-26-2

    Lake Preservation Act


    IC 14-26-5

    Lowering of Ten Acre Lakes Act

    $ 25

    IC 14-28-1

    Flood Control Act - choose one of the following

    • All non-residential floodway construction projects


    • Residential reconstruction in a floodway, other than the Ohio River floodway

    *$ 50

    • Residential construction, or reconstruction, in the Ohio River floodway

    *$ 10

    IC 14-29-1

    Navigable Waterways Act

    No Fee

    IC 14-29-3

    Sand and Gravel Permits Act

    $ 50

    IC 14-29-4

    Construction of Channels Act


    If you have any questions or would like to share feedback, please contact us at DNR by email, or by calling our toll free number 1-877-928-3755.

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